Tomcar vehicles are nothing like Polaris RZRs or Polaris Rangers. Nothing like CanAm Mavericks. Nothing like Kubota UTVs or any of the other side by side's available on the market today.

Every Tomcar is hand-built to order, has a fully certified ROPS frame, comes with a 3-year warranty as standard (even if you service it yourself), uses no plastic, and is built to military-grade standards. 

We also don't come out with new models every few years...we build the Tomcar to last you a lifetime. You'll be hard pressed to find a second-hand Tomcar.

All Tomcars have:

~ Either a petrol or diesel engine.

~ Heavy-load carrying capacity of 800Kgs in its massive 2 sqm aluminium tray - built by Triple M in Brisbane, the tray is by far the largest in the industry.

~ An extremely low centre of gravity providing balance & safety - centre of gravity is BELOW the drivers seat (nothing comes close to this),

~ A tough welded frame built of extra heavy duty tubular steel - We build our frame using over 280 pieces of welded steel - creating a safety cocoon for the occupant that is ROPS certified to ISO 3471:2008 standard as well as to ANSI-ROHVA-12011 (there is no other off-road vehicle that has certified ROPS as standard),

~ Relatively wide wheel track - same as a Toyota Landcruiser - so you can use existing tracks on your property. It also increases stability and improves ride quality.

~ Light weight - don't damage the property with deep wheel ruts - float over the harshest of terrain,

~ A unique rear drive system providing a staggering 40cm all round ground clearance,

~ A suspension design capable of conquering extremely rough terrain - racing standard shocks all round,

~ Easy to maintain. Easy to repair - no complicated electronics - we build simplicity into every aspect of the vehicle,

~ The only side by side on the market available in Right Hand Drive,

~ No plastic components - we use armoured steel throughout the vehicle,

~ Full 3 year warranty - even if your service and fix the vehicle yourself. Buy parts direct from the factory,

~ Unbeatable safety features - we take safety seriously here at Tomcar Australia,

~ Tough fibreglass panels, not moulded plastic - we use thick fibreglass because it only tears on severe impact, it doesn't shatter. This gives you extra life on your panels, and saves you having to order expensive replacements when they break - just tape up the damage and carry on,

~ We endeavour to ship out ANY part to you within 24 hours of order.

Order direct online from the factory - no dealer network - deal with the designers and manufacturers of your vehicle.

~ Unbeatable service and attention to customer needs - call us anytime for help, and we provide online support 24 hours.