WARNING   Towing improperly can alter vehicle handling and may cause loss of control or brake instability, which can result in serious injury or death. 

The Tomcar utilises a Class II tow hitch system which is designed for gross towing loads (GTW) of a maximum to 1,500 Kgs and a vertical tongue weight of 135 Kgs. 

To tow safely, the tongue weight must be sufficiently positive when the trailer is empty and/or when fully loaded. Check the height of the rear of the Tomcar before and after loading.

Always follow the precautions outlined below when towing:

1. Do not exceed the recommended maximum towing loads for your vehicle.

2. Make sure the vertical load on the trailer hitch never exceeds 135 Kgs.

3. Operate the vehicle slower than usual and take into consideration the terrain and the slope.

4. Do not tow more than the recommended weight for the vehicle. 

5. Attach a trailer to the trailer hitch bracket only. 

6. Do not attach a trailer to any other location or you may lose control of the vehicle.

7. Never tow a trailer on a grade steeper than 15°.

NOTE: Belt Life While Towing - to get the maximum belt life when towing, we recommend you use low gear for towing uphill.