To adjust the speed sensor you will require tools: a Feeler Gauge (17 mm) and a Short Spanner. Follow the following procedure:

1. Locate the speed sensor (a), which is located next to the driver-side final drive.

2. Rotate the rear wheels to align one tooth on the phonic wheel (c) with the speed sensor (b).

3. Ensure that the phonic wheel (c) is in-line with the center of the speed sensor.

4. If incorrect, loosen the x2 grub screws (d) and adjust accordingly.

5. Once adjusted re-tighten x2 grub screws. 

6. Using the feeler gauge (e), check the gap between the sensor and the phonic wheel.

7. The gap should be 1mm (+- 0.10mm).

8. If the gap is incorrect the sensor will need adjustment. 

9. If gap is incorrect, use the 17mm short spanner to adjust sensor.

10. Simply loosen the top nut (f) securing the speed sensor. 

11. By moving the lower nut (g), the sensor height can be adjusted to the correct air gap specification of 1 mm. 

12. Once adjustment has been made recheck the air gap (h) and tighten the x2 lock nuts (i) and (j).

13. Ensure gap is 1mm after securing the x2 lock nuts.