This procedure is to check and test the driver side fan, and whether it is working:

Carrying out this procedure will earth the driver-side fan, and result in the fan running permanently when vehicle is on.

The procedure is for testing purpose only and Tomcar Australia does not recommend this as a long term solution to any fan issues.

Locate fan switch below thermostat (a).

Locate earthing point on the engine (b).

Ensure that you put the washer and nut in a safe place.

If loose, tighten the switch using a 13mm spanner.

The space created is where you will earth the fan cable.

The fan should now come on immediately after the vehicle is turned on. Ensure that the fan is rotating the correct way - sucking air through the radiator and out. If it is turning the wrong way, then the polarity is incorrect and must be reversed.

Use the 13mm spanner to hold the fan switch in place (c).

Using a 7mm spanner loosen the nut on the stud (d).

Check the temperature switch is still tight in the cylinder head (e).

Using a 12mm spanner loosen the end cap securing bolt on the engine (f) - create a 2mm gap between the bolt head and the engine.

Insert the fan eye terminal (g) between the bolt head and the engine.

Ensure eye-terminal is inserted as far as it goes under the bolt (h).

Tighten bolt securely (i).