CAUTION  Using the differential lock feature requires special care. Using the vehicle incorrectly can cause rollover. The vehicle’s steering is less direct while the differential lock is engaged. So drive with caution. DO NOT attempt to engage the differential lock while the vehicle is stopped.

 DANGER  While the differential lock is engaged, do not operate the vehicle at speeds greater than 20 Km/h.

The rear axle is equipped with a lockable differential that allows the driver to choose between a locked differential or unlocked differential. It is beneficial to lock the differential in low-traction situations. 

To lock the differential: while driving slowly push the differential lever until it goes all the way forward into the locked position. 

Disengagement is simply the reversal of the engagement procedure.

Slight changes in direction of travel while operating the lever may assist in the engagement and disengagement of the differential lock.

Damage to the differential can occur if the differential lock is engaged while the vehicle is traveling at high speeds or while the rear wheels are spinning without traction.

Do not force leaver.