All Australian-made Tomcars are equipped with a 4-point safety harness. They must be worn at all times when in the vehicle!

For your safety, when using the 4-point harness, please perform the following steps:

1. Loosen shoulder straps. (1)

2. Place arms through the shoulder straps. (1)

3. Insert the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks. (3)

4. Tighten lap belt straps low over hips. (2)

5. Tighten shoulder straps on both sides. (1)

6. Re-check lap belt straps are at hip level.

7. Make sure harness is tightened securely.

    Falling from a moving vehicle could result in serious injury or death. Always fasten your harness securely before operating or riding in the Tomcar.

    Small passengers require special restraints, which are not available with this vehicle. No passenger should be allowed to ride in the Tomcar.

    To unfasten, press the square red button in the buckle’s center.