WARNING:  Exhaust system may be hot! Caution advised. Turn off engine. Engage parking brake. Select neutral. 

1. Always check your CVT belt tension. A loose belt will squeal and not engage correctly. A belt that is too tight will make it hard to select gears.

2. Make sure the CVT belt is not dry, cracked, or has teeth missing. Replace if damaged. Always carry a spare belt with you at all times. 

You can purchase belts direct from our online store here. NOTE: Using a High-Performance Belt will reduce belt noise.

3. When you apply pressure on the belt from the top and bottom, the gap between them should be approx. between 5 - 7 cm.

4. In order to adjust the belt tension, loosen the x2 bolts on either side that hold the engine onto the engine tray (a). 

5. Do not remove the bolts! They should only be loosened slightly so that the engine can slide forwards and rearwards in the slotted bolt holes in the engine tray.

6a. To tighten the belt tension, pull the engine rearward - away from the cabin - until the required tension is achieved

6b. To loosen the belt tension, gently push the engine forwards - towards the cabin - until the required tension is achieved.