WARNING:  Exhaust system may be hot! Caution advised. Turn off engine. Engage parking brake. Select neutral. 

Belt Removal:

1. Ensure neutral has been selected on the gearbox.

2. Lift CVT belt and guide belt onto the outer lip of the gearbox CVT.

3. Rotate gearbox CVT anti clockwise and feed belt off the gearbox CVT.

4. Once belt is free from gearbox CVT remove from engine CVT.

TIP: If belt is too tight, loosen the four engine adjustment bolts and push down in center of belt until the engine moved forward enough. This will give the belt more slack and make it easier to remove.

Once the new belt has been installed don't forget to adjust the engine to ensure the CVT belt is at the correct adjustment. 

Belt Installation:

NOTE: The belt has an operational direction. Make sure that the writing is in a readable direction when mounting.

1. Place new CVT belt over engine CVT first.

2. Feed new belt onto gearbox CVT and slowly rotate anti clockwise guiding the new belt onto gearbox CVT.

3. Check that the gap measured at midpoint on the belt between the two CVTs is 5-7 cm

4. If an adjustment is necessary, check out the article on Adjusting Belt Tension.