If you hear a noise coming from the final drive area, check the following areas. You should also review the section on General Noises & Vibrations.

    Check the shocks

    Check that the shocks are mounted securely onto the final drive.

    Check that the bushes are not worn.

    Check for evidence of leaking oil.

    The chains inside may be loose and need replacing.

    Check to see if the chains are loose or damaged.

    The gears inside the final drive are worn.

    Check to see if the gears are worn or damaged.

    Check the mounting of the final drive.

    Make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and secure.

    Check for any free play.

    Check to see if the bearings are worn or damaged.

    Check oil level.

    Remove drain plug and drain oil into a small clean tray.

    Once drained secure plug and remove filler plug at the top of the final drive.

    Refill oil with 1L of approved oil.