Does your engine hesitate? Check through the following items:

Dirt in the air filter

Check both primary and secondary air filters at the rear of the vehicle.

Check front mounted primary filter, clean filter is required.  

If they are dirty they will need to be replaced. Purchase them here.

Do not attempt to clean the rear filters.

Spark plugs

Check the spark plugs for damage, cracks or poor electrical connection.  

They should all be in working condition. 

Replace if necessary. Purchase them here.

High tension leads faulty

Check if the HT leads are worn, cracked or damaged. 

Replace if necessary.

Ignition module

Use a diagnostics tool to check if there is a fault with the ignition module mounted at the rear of the vehicle. 

Replace if necessary.

Contaminated fuel

Check the condition of the fuel. 

If it is old or contaminated then the fuel tank will need to be flushed and all the fuel filters replaced. 

Fuel filter

Check if fuel filters are blocked or damaged.

Replace if required.