If your Tomcar tracks left or right when you are driving, check the following:

Low or uneven tyre pressure

Check all tyre pressures. 

Ensure that all tyres have the correct pressure, if not correct. 

Uneven tyre wear 

Check the tread on each tyre. 

If they are worn, replace with new tyres. 

If tyres are worn uneven of left or right or vehicle replace the worn ones and carry out wheel alignment.

Incorrect wheel alignment 

It is possible that the wheels are out of alignment. 

See the service manual on how to do a wheel alignment.

Steering rack worn

Check the steering rack for signs of excessive wear.

If the steering rack is badly worn or damaged. Replace.

Carry out wheel alignment, 

Damaged or worn steering arms, ball joints or tie rod ends. 

If the steering arms are damaged or bent, this would put the vehicle out of alignment. 

Check for worn or damaged ball joints and tie rod ends.

Replace the damaged part and carry wheel alignment.

Sticking/seized brake calliper

Check to see if any of the front or rear brake calipers have seized or are stuck. 

Also check the tension of the handbrake cables at the rear, one side could be binding the one of the rear brakes.  

Adjust handbrake tension if necessary.