Can you hear a squeaking noise? Check the following:

Dry control arm bushes 

Ensure that the lower control arms are lubricated. 

Worn ball joints or badly lubricated

If the ball joints are worn, re-adjust them and lubricate with grease. 

Check if any dirt or water have entered into the ball joint housing. 

In this case you may need to replace if damaged or recondition the ball joint assembly. 

If the ball joint boots have been damaged or torn, replace boots. 

Damaged or worn shock absorber 

Check to see if the squeak is coming from the shock absorber. 

Areas could be: 

  • The spring spacer (nylon bush) 
  • The spherical mounting bearings 
  • Damaged or leaking oil seals 
  • Lack of oil

Steering column bushings dry or worn 

Check to see if the rubber bush that sits on the steering column behind the steering wheel is squeaking. 

If so, apply a little amount of lubricant such as PTFE or silicone based lubricant. 

If the bush is worn and brittle, replace with a new one.

Check the internal steering column bushes and lubricate, replace if damaged or worn.