Is there no drive to the rear wheels? If this is the case, then please check the following items:

Broken drive shaft

Check that both drive shafts coming from the gearbox to the final drives have not broken. 

Replace if necessary.

Broken CVT belt

Check CVT belt. 

If it is damaged or broken, replace. You can order a replacement belt here. If it is not damaged or broken, make sure that the tension in the belt is correct.

Slipping CVT belt

Check CVT belt is not slipping on the CVT itself. This may occur if you've over greased the CVT itself and has gotten onto the faces of the CVT. You will hear a loud squeal if this is occurring. You will need to remove the belt and clean the CVT face surfaces thoroughly to remove all the grease. You will also need a new drive belt. You can order a replacement belt here.

Gearbox internal failure 

It is possible that the something inside the gearbox has failed or broken. 

Check each gear to see if there is still drive through the axles on either side of the gearbox. 

If there is no drive then it could be a gearbox issue. Give us a call (1800 TOMCAR) or send us a Support Ticket and we will organise a replacement gearbox to be sent out to you.

Final drive internal failure 

If there is drive through the axles and the wheels do not turn, it is possible that either the final drive chain has come loose or is broken. 

This can be checked by draining the final drive oil and removing the final drive plate to look at the chain.

Check throttle linkage

It is possible that there is an issue with the throttle linkage. 

Check to see if the throttle cable is installed correctly and that it has not been damaged in any way.