The Tomcar is designed to be light and strong, so it can drive effortlessly off-road. As a result, The Tomcar's gearbox is also designed to be light, and is designed to provide more power transfer than traditional gearboxes. The Tomcar's gearbox is more like a racing gearbox than a traditional gearbox.

When changing gears on a Tomcar, the vehicle has to be stationary and the engine must be at idle. If the engine revs are too high than the normal idle, the CVT belt will start engaging the gearbox, and as the gearbox is turning, you cannot change gears. If excess force is used there is a possibility of doing damage to the gears.

Never force the gear lever - you will damage the gearbox. Try the following if you find it hard to select gear:

Engine RPMs may be too high

If the RPM is too high then you will not be able to change gears or a lot of force is needed. You might hear a ‘crunching sound as well. If this is the case:

Check to see if the throttle pedal has returned all the way back to it’s idle position. 

Also check to see if the throttle cable is too tight and is causing the engine to rev. Adjust if this is the case.

The idle control valve could be faulty. 

The butterfly in the throttle body could be stuck.

Low gear oil

If there is not enough oil in the gearbox then it could cause the internal gears and bearings to seize thus making it difficult to change gears. 

Check fluid level and top up if necessary. 

CVT belt too tight

If the belt is too tight then this engages the gearbox CVT at idle and will make it difficult to change gears. 

The drive belt should be as shown in the drawing below.

See here on how to adjust the belt tension.

Gear selection mechanism obstructed

Check to see if there is any interference or obstruction at any point in the gear shifter, rods and gearbox. 

Selector out of adjustment

It is possible that the gear selector rod is slightly out of adjustment. 

If the lever is in a specific gear and the vehicle does not move, then it is possible that the lever is slightly out. 

Move the lever slightly in or out of the required gear and see if the vehicle engages. 

If this is the case, adjust the lever accordingly.

Worn bushes and bearings

Check all the bushes and bearings that are connected to the gearbox and the gear selector. 

If any of the bushes or bearings have been damaged or worn then this can cause it difficult to change gears. 

Replace the relevant parts.

Gear selector on gearbox loose

Check the nut that holds the arc shaped gear on the outside of the gearbox. 

If it is loose then this will cause the lever to move but will not be able to change the gears inside the gearbox. 

If this is the case, tighten the nut and refer to the service manual to adjust the gear lever.

Worn or damaged gears

If all the above has not resolved the issue then it could be a case of the gears inside the gearbox are worn or damaged.

If this is the case, you may have to replace your gearbox. Give us a call (1800 TOMCAR) or send us a Support Ticket and we will organise a replacement gearbox to be sent out to you.