If your car won't start - and the engine won't turn over (crank) at all, then check the following items:

Check Battery


Test the battery to see if there is any charge in the battery. 

If not, charge the battery. 

If the battery does not hold a charge then replace with a new one.


Check Fuses


Check the main fuse on the positive battery terminal.  

Check all fuses within fuse box related to starting. 

Replace if necessary. (if the system blows a fuse again further investigation will be needed to find the cause)


Battery terminals


Clean battery terminals if required.

Ensure the battery terminal clamps are tight.  


Brake pressure switch


Inspect the brake pressure switch on the master cylinder, replace if necessary.

If the switch unit gets replaced, make sure to bleed the brake system.

Check terminals and connectors.   


Faulty ignition switch 


Inspect the ignition switch and ensure it is has been plugged in correctly and is free of any water and or debris. 

Test the switch to see if it is working properly. Replace if necessary.


Poor starter connection


Inspect the starter motor/solenoid and the main battery wire mounted to it. 

Ensure that it is secured properly and is free from any debris and or corrosion. 

Check the smaller starter exciter wire on the solenoid. Clean area if necessary. 


Faulty starter 


Test the starter motor to see if it is good working condition. If the starter motor is faulty it should be replaced, or depending on type of fault, the unit can be reconditioned.


If the vehicle has not been used for some time it is possible that the starter motor brushes have seized/stuck. 

By gently tapping on the starter motor with a hammer, it is possible to release the internal brushes - which may have become stuck. 


Try the start the vehicle again. If this does not work then replace the starter motor.

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