We do things differently here at Tomcar Australia. You can buy Tomcar vehicles and parts direct from our online store myTomcar.com

We sell direct as this reduces the need for expensive and often wasteful dealer networks. You deal direct with the manufacturer and we offer a full 3-year warranty on all vehicles.


If you would like to see a Tomcar in the flesh, we have a growing family of Tomcar Brand Ambassadors, or Reps, across Australia. Our Reps all own Tomcars themselves and are happy to organise demonstrations at your convenience. Just contact them direct or fill in this form, and we'll organise a demo for you with your nearest Rep. You can also purchase vehicles direct from our Reps if you like - there is only one price for a Tomcar whether you buy online or through a Rep.

You won't believe the Tomcar's build quality and how well it performs off-road - but don't take our word for it - go check one out. Try before you buy...