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Rattling Noise from CVT(Engine side)

Helle, I have a very loud metallic rattling noise from the CVT clutch(engine) during idle. As soon as the clutch engages, the noise disapeared. With the engine shut off, I can feel a play from the outer "half" of the CVT, the inner "half" (which is bolted to the flywheel) is firm, so no play from the flywheel. I can turn the aluminium drum incl. the outer disc(where the belt is driven) approx. 1mm while the inner part is firm.

The noise during a standstill is so loud, that you looking forward to wear ear protection(really!!) 

As soon you go, the noise is gone.

Any ideas??

My Modell is a Tomcar TM7 made for the British Army 1.4Diesel, called Springer ATV. Mileage only 600km.

Hope somebody can help me.

If neccesary, I´ll post a Video.

Greetings from Germany,


Sorry, pressed the wrong button-it´s a TM5

Sorry for late reply - your comment got lost in the system!

Can you email us a video?

Happy to help.


Afternoon Alexander,

It sounds like the inner swing arms have worn at the pivot point or become detached from the centre plate. 

Are you able to send me your email address so I can send you some detailed information?

Kind regards


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