Tomcar Australia launches Mine Spec Model

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Melbourne, Australia - 23 September, 2014 - This week Tomcar Australia has unveiled its mining spec vehicle, the Tomcar TM5MR, at the Melbourne IMARC event, Australia’s premier mining convention. The Australian made vehicle is a revolutionary step for the mining industry and boasts a number of mining friendly features that can save time, money and offer world-class safety standards. It also means more revenue is staying in Australia.

One of the biggest missed economic opportunities in the past fifty years in Australia is the supply of locally-made vehicles to the mining industry. Almost all vehicles used in the mines are imported. Tomcar aims to change this and provide mines across Australia with a local alternative to imported vehicles which have to be heavily modified before they can be used in Australian mines. 

Tomcar Australia are offering a unique proposition to the bigger mining picture where it can support the infrastructure that services the industry and it can keep local revenues in the country at a time when they are traditionally drained to offshore suppliers and manufacturers. Co-Founder and CEO of Tomcar Australia, David Brim believes it is the missing link that serves our mining industry.

For more information download the Press Release here. You can purchase the new Tomcar Mine Spec vehicle via our online store or contact our exclusive distributor, Durable Mining Equipment Pty Ltd for more information on why this vehicle is so unique, and to organise an on-site trial.

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