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LED Light bars as an optional extra/DIY.

Do you guys sell LED light bars as an aftermarket option or could I order one already fitted on a new vehicle?

Has anybody done this before? If so - any advice? What would be the maximum draw that you would recommend? I have attached an image as an example.

Yes, we can supply NARVA or Ironman 4x4 aftermarket lights for you. Happy to customise and install at the factory. Just call us on 1 800 TOMCAR or email anytime.

Many of our users have added extra lighting - the Tomcar comes with loads of mounting points.

The maximum draw would be around 120W. I've attached an image of one of our vehicles with an LED light bar affixed to the front.

(2.24 MB)


Awesome - was actually here earlier and was going to ask exactly the same question. If you guys can source these sorts of things AND get them fitted during the vehicles manufacture; would it be possible to also have a remote controlled spotlight?

I have land in Traralgon and frequently do a spot of rabbiting during the evenings (for work and pleasure) and it would be awesome to roof mount one on either side. One of the things I like most about the Tomcar is the crazy number of mounting options available!

Looking forward to a response!

(10.3 KB)

Easy. We can set that up for you no problem...

I have a cool LED lightbar attached to my Tomcar. It sits above the windscreen - awesome while shooting at night!

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