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GoAuto: Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane launches new Australian-built Tomcar Diesel TM5

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09.05.14 - GoAuto: Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane launches new Australian-built Tomcar Diesel TM5

Tomcar Australia is happy to announce that today we officially launched our first diesel model. 

Federal minister Ian Macfarlane kindly came to visit our high-tech factory in Melbourne to help us announce this milestone for Tomcar Australia.

Minister Macfarlene made a great speech at the launch and because of his family's farming background, understood the Tomcar's unique benefits and potential to help the agricultural sector. 

He has this to say: "I was chairman of the rural industry Farmsafe - a workplace health and safety committee in Queensland and a sad reality of modern farming is that it is an inherently dangerous occupation.

"One of the biggest killers these days of farmers and more particularly their children is four-wheeled motorbikes.

"To have a vehicle that presents not only the epitome of utility in the true sense of the word but also to be as safe as this one is a great credit to those people involved.

"We went around the test-track in the Tomcar, which I understand is actually a test track for motorbikes. I wouldn't have even taken a motorbike round there and I've ridden a motorbike most of my life.

"It is a phenomenal vehicle."

It was a great day and we are excited to start manufacturing our new TM5 Ute diesel model. Now down to production, which starts this Monday - we have almost 30 vehicles to build for pre-ordered customers! So we better get cracking...

You can get your order in right now via our online store

We were lucky enough to have GoAuto news there today to cover the event. You can read their article on today's event here.

General News Manufacturing Roll-out: Tomcar Australia company co-founder and CEO David Brim talks federal industry minster Ian Macfarlane through the new diesel-powered TM5 Ute.

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