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AusPost Case Study: Business Inspiration - Tomcar Australia

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03.02.14 - AusPost Case Study: Business Inspiration - Tomcar Australia

"A vehicle forged by the Israeli military seems an odd item to introduce into the Australian automotive market. However, Tomcar Australia co-founder David Brim had faith in the unique off-road utility vehicle. In 2005, he abandoned a career in real estate in London to bring the Tomcar to our shores with his father, Joe, and brother, Michael. Eight years later, the gamble is proving to be a successful one, with the niche vehicle attracting a surprisingly varied clientele.

1. What was it that led the three of you to purchase the Australian rights to Tomcar?

We found the business through the internet. It was based in Israel and we had some contacts over there, so we flew over to meet them and decided it was something we wanted to do. The Tomcar is the perfect product for the Australian environment, and it was a really exciting thing to do over here. The vehicle is simply remarkable.

2. Did any of you have automotive experience beforehand?

No, just business experience, so we made sure we surrounded ourselves with intelligent people who know what they were doing.

3. Tell us a bit about your customers.

Our customers vary from rural outback cattle stations to recreational users, but our core market is the defence industry. We've been quite surprised at the range of Tomcar customers

4. You bought the Australian rights to Tomcar back in 2005 but didn't start producing vehicles until 2011. What happened in those intervening years?

We were doing intense product research and finetuning the vehicle for Australian conditions. We only started producing vehicles in late 2011, so we've seen massive growth the last few years."

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