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RACV: Tomcar Tackles Aussie Terrain

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31.01.14 - RACV: Tomcar Tackles Aussie Terrain

"You've probably felt stranded when your car has let you down. But it could be worse. Imagine it's 1967 and you're a highly trained commando and you've been flown into enemy territory for a secret mission. Six Willy MB Jeeps should be parachuting in with you ready to go. But the Jeeps didn't survive the fall.

Fortunately, one of the soldiers was a skilled mechanic and cobbled together two working cars from the six. The commandoes completed their mission. Over a decade later, that soldier-mechanic built the first Tomcar and it was used by the Israeli military.

Fast forward to 2005 and David Brim has become co-founder and chief executive of Tomcar Australia after moving from London to Australia with his family. David's retired parents had discovered Tomcar online and his technology-mad father, Joe, flew to Israel and returned with the rights to modify and manufacture the rugged, off-road vehicles in Melbourne.

Tomcar Australia was originally meant to be Joe's retirement hobby. But with improvements in technology, David and his brother, Michael, spent five years developing the car for commercial sales. They started production in November 2011. As a result, specialised car production is now under way at the small MtM Auto components factory in Oakleigh South, in Melbourne's south-east. The milestone of the 50th car rolled out in January 2014 and the company is producing about one a week to keep up with demand."


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