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Shoe String: Car manufacturing startup Tomcar Australia swivels to success

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06.11.13 - Shoe String: Car manufacturing startup Tomcar Australia swivels to success

"Melbourne-based car manufacturing startup Tomcar Australia is well on its road to success, having pre-sold 100 units of the all-terrain vehicles and now accepting cryptographic currency Bitcoin.

Tomcar Australia is the nation's first new mass production car manufacturer in 30 years, offering unique off-road utility vehicles designed specifically for defence, agribusiness, mining, emergency services and recreational purposes.

So how did the idea come about? The story begins in 2005, when the Brim family packed their bags and migrated to Australia from London. Having entered retirement, Co-Founder of Tomcar Australia, Joe Brim, started navigating the web for a side project when he stumbled across the first iteration of the Tomcar designed by Israeli military. In realising the vehicle's commercial potential, Joe contacted the Israeli defence force and purchased the rights to modify, manufacture and distribute a local version of the vehicle in Australia.

Joe and his sons David and Michael Brim spent five years redesigning the vehicle so it could be used by the defence, agribusiness, mining, emergency services and recreational sports markets. The main goal for them was to create the "world's best performing and safest all-terrain vehicles".

As such, the Tomcar maintains the size of the original Israeli military vehicle, but with a very low central gravity, allowing the vehicle to tip on a 45-degree angle without rolling over. After finalising the design and completing thousands of pages of paperwork, they outsourced the manufacturing to Melbourne-based tier one automotive components supplier, MTM.

"We searched for car component manufacturers around Australia who supply Holden and Ford and we chose to partner with MTM because they have the right facilities, factories, and personnel and on top of that, they have extensive experience in building high quality automotive products. It was the perfect fit," says David, Co-Founder and CEO of Tomcar Australia.

Currently, 60 percent of the components are supplied locally, and 40 percent are bought from overseas suppliers. David stresses that the cars are 100 percent fabricated and manufactured in Australia, and that they would like to source more components from local suppliers, with the goal of 80 percent." 

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