Road & Track Magazine: Buy an Aussie Tomcar mini-ute

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18.09.13 - Road & Track Magazine: Buy an Aussie Tomcar mini-ute

"You're Israeli. You have a war on with Egypt and a sack full of broken Willys MB jeeps. What are your options? Well, being Isreali, you could hammer a crude golem from the fenders and proceed on foot, or you could cobble together a pair of proto Mad Max desert vehicles and proceed across the Sinai towards Egypt. Which is more or less what happened in the Six Days War in 1967, when a commando unit had six Jeeps parachuted in, all of which apparently broke into pieces on impact.

The same mechanic who assembled the original version in 1967 later started building a new take on his ATV-like creation commercially about a decade later, and there's now a small segment of these super-ATVs thriving in the world's most inhospitable places, like Australia, home of the Tomcar.

The Australian Tomcar stays true to its roots in that it's designed to survive being dropped out of a helicopter and is easily field repairable. There are three models, a base 1-litre TM-2 two seater; TM-4 four-seater with optional 1.4-litre diesel; and the TM-5 ute, which has a 800KG+ payload and can tow 1,500KGs. All models are two-wheel drive, have a CVT, a flat undercarriage with 6061 aluminium skid-plate, and 38cm of ground clearance front to rear. 

They're somewhere between a big ATV and a tube frame rock buggy, and entirely wonderful." 

See link to full Road & Track article here or you can download a PDF version (1.8Mb) here.

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