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Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine: Tomcar Australia & Solid Edge Take on All Terrains

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10.09.13 - Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine: Tomcar Australia & Solid Edge Take on All Terrains

"The automotive industry in Australia is largely legacy-based and composed of big players competing both locally and globally to design and manufacture products to meet growing market demand. In a country known for the design and production of large-sized passenger vehicles, being a mid-sized player comes with challenges.

Established in 2005, Tomcar produces an innovative and unique ATV that separates it from any other vehicle on the market today. Originally built for military purposes, today's Tomcar has gone beyond the battlefield and into the mining, agricultural and farming sectors across Australia. Use of an ATV such as the Tomcar for civilian tasks is on the upswing.

Tomcar recently began manufacturing the Tomcar vehicles at its facility in Melbourne, supplying ATVs through online sales and agency networks. not only across Australia, but also throughout Oceania including New Zealand, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Since its establishment, it has been clear that using advanced technology is the way for the company to break through and compete most effectively in an already highly established automotive market. Other factors that are essential to surviving and thriving in such a competitive landscape include minimising costs and maximising service.

"We plan to produce 5,000 units yearly," says say David Brim, CEO and co-founder of Tomcar Australia. ''To keep up with demand, we have to be sure that the process from start to finish is accurate and efficient every single time. Being a mid-sized company that caters to a specific niche, we do not have the resources that large manufacturers have. So we need to rely on what we consider 'Grade A' technology to ensure detailed accuracy in every part we design. From high-grade materials to advanced software, we only use the best, so that we can compete successfully in today's marketplace." 

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