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Smart Company: Tomcar Australia's on the Road to Success

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16.09.13 - Smart Company: Tomcar Australia's on the Road to Success

Melbourne-based vehicle manufacturing start-up Tomcar Australia is midway through the production of its first run of all-terrain vehicles, all 100 of which have already been sold.

Prior to going into production this year, the Tomcar Australia team had been working on the start-up for years.

"We started production earlier this year after a seven-year uphill struggle and we finally have a line. We've just pumped our 25th car and are looking to double that in a few months," co-founder and chief executive David Brim told StartupSmart.

The key markets will be military, mining, agriculture and ecotourism.

"We saw huge potential for it in Australia and the more people we showed the car, the more applications it had," Brim says.

Given the vehicle's origins, the primary market will be defence. Brim says the Australian Defence Force is excited about it, and they're in negotiations with the New Zealand, Indonesian and Papua New Guinean armies.

The vehicles are off road, all-terrain vehicles with a low centre of gravity (54 centimetres). The four independent suspensions means the car has an industry leading ground clearance of over 38 centimetres.

"With the high ground clearance in a vehicle with the same extremely low centre of gravity as a Porsche, what we've got here are two statistics that don't usually sit side by side," Brim says.

Ex-Ferrari and Lotus engineer Darran Sexton joined the team a few years ago. They overhauled the vehicle so it was more like a car than an all-terrain vehicle. 

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