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Manspace Magazine: Any Road, Any Place, Any Time...

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25.10.12 - Manspace Magazine: Any Road, Any Place, Any Time...

"For me, one of the great pleasures in life is getting into a unique vehicle and enjoying the drive for whatever it provides. I've been lucky enough to be driven around a race track in a V8 Supercar by Alex Davison - that was pretty special. I know I've mentioned in the past how I have an incredibly basic MG in my garage - and despite its very ... rudimentary nature, there is still something magical about being in it on a cruise along an ocean road.

And after spending a good 20 minutes ripping through an abandoned quarry at angles and degrees I would not have believed possible, I will include the Tomcar in my list of ultimate automotive experiences.

The Tomcar is an Australian-made two-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that you truly need to experience to understand. Its capabilities in where it can take you is quite incredible, yet it boasts exceptional safety and is very straightforward to be worked on if needs be.

It is the culmination of seven years work by the Brim family, who saw the opportunity of an existing product overseas but wanted to improve and modify it for the Australian market.

Originally researched and developed in conjunction with the military, the Tomcar has been in continual active development for over 20 years. It still successfully serves numerous military and security forces in conflict zones across the world, the most recent with the British Army contingent of the NATO force currently stationed in Afghanistan. While it is something of a different beast in Australia, its roots are still clearly evident.

'The genesis of the Tomcar vehicle goes a long way back - to the 1967 Six-Day War in the Middle East to be precise,' explains Tomcar Australia CEO and co-founder David Brim." 

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