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Google Case Study: Tomcar Australia outmanoeuvres big competitors with Google Apps for Business

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31.07.12 - Google Case Study: Tomcar Australia outmanoeuvres big competitors with Google Apps for Business

"Conceived and built for military purposes, the two-wheel drive all-terrain Tomcar inspired its founders to extend its purpose beyond the battlefields. Today, Tomcar Australia plans to manufacture 5,000 vehicles per year in Melbourne, Australia, supplying the agricultural, security, tourism and mining industries.


As an automobile manufacturer, Tomcar Australia’s success is heavily reliant on its partnership with its dealers and manufacturers.

In Australia, Tomcar must compete in an established and highly competitive market against large automotive players who already have extensive CRM and ERP systems across their vendor network that they use to create seamless supply chain collaboration and enhance customer service with their dealers.

David Brim, CEO and Co-Founder of Tomcar Australia says, “We knew that dealers had to invest heavily in expensive IT infrastructure with large automotive players. Being a newcomer, we wanted to make sure it was easy for them to work with us and we needed a solution that would help us integrate our systems in a fuss-free manner.

Effective collaboration is a major undertaking for Tomcar Australia, with many of their employees, dealers and suppliers spread across Australia and overseas. In order to ensure a streamlined operation across their supply chain, Tomcar Australia needed reliable and easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools which their staff and external stakeholders could use.

David explains, “We operate in a large geographical market and our dealers are spread across the Australia. Ensuring that we have seamless communication and collaboration with our dealers in real-time is critical if we are to keep ahead of competitors.”

The goal for Tomcar Australia was to break through and compete effectively in the established automotive market through the use of technology – while at the same time minimising costs and maximising the value of services delivered." 

Download full Google Case Study here.

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